4 Daily Practices To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

Sometimes I get home after a long day and I am too tired to even THINK about doing something for myself. Sound like you? Then this post is going to be an absolute necessity. Read below and find four super easy tasks to add to your daily self-care, even on those rough days. 

Airplane mode

Release the need to be connected to the world from the minute you wake up to the minute you fall asleep. Put your phone on airplane mode an hour before bed and instead wind down without the blue light in your face. This is a perfect time to figure out a nightly routine that incorporates a little reflection and a lot of you time. Notice how much easier it might be to fall asleep when you have been disconnected, versus the times you do stay on your phone until the last minute.


I will say this time and time again, meditation is such a wonderful way to center yourself before your day begins. I’ve had an incredible journey through meditation, and it has been life changing. No matter what type of mood I wake up in, my meditation apps are always there to save the day. If you’re someone who experiences a lot of anxiety, this is a great way to combat it. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking about how you can’t sit still for long enough or you have too many thoughts passing through your head. Trust me, I thought the same thing. If I can do it, you surely can to. 

Positive Self-Talk

Many times we can get stuck in a horrible cycle of negative thoughts. It can impact the way we think of ourselves and consequently affects how others view us as well. Have you ever heard yourself thinking (or even saying out loud) something about yourself that you would never dare say to another person? If so, I challenge you to stop right now. Instead of finding perceived flaws about yourself, find the things you love. Affirm the positive things about yourself that are true, or that you want to manifest. If you make a mistake, be gentle. You’re human, and you’re also meant to enjoy yourself and the life you live. 

Gratitude journaling

Expressing gratitude encourages our mind, body, and soul to just breathe, knowing that despite any external circumstances, our hearts are full because we always have things to be grateful for. When we open our hearts to gratitude, it leaves little space for those nagging, negative thoughts to filter in and upset our minds. Speaking into existence and being grateful for even the smallest thing, like that beautiful sunflower we saw on our way to work, can remind us that the Universe is in full support of our happiness. Gratitude journaling can be done in various ways. Simply crack open a journal and make a list, free write what you’re grateful for, or use the GGRR method.


GGRR stands for “Gratitude, Giving, Receiving, Rejoicing,” and it’s a method I learned from Susie Pearl, author of Instructions for Happiness and Success. Create four sections on your page labeled according to the acronym above. In each column, write about what you’re generally grateful for, then gratefully giving, gratefully receiving, and gratefully rejoicing. By really leaning into each of these categories, it allows you to create a detailed list of just how blessed you are. After I finish one of these entries, my heart feels incredibly full.

Got something you’ve incorporated into your self-care routine that you just love? I want to hear about it! Make sure to comment below.