10 Affirmations That Honor Your Body The Way It Is

Your body is your own sacred temple. You are born with just one, and it lasts you a lifetime. It is something to respect and cherish, to pay special attention to. Instead of doing this, however, we are taught to think that our bodies are not enough to serve their purpose. Instead, we poke and prod and ridicule, trying to find new ways to change it into a "better" version of what it is now. The world is made up of 7.5 billion carefully crafted, beautiful human beings, all with special traits that make them who they are. Do not try to change what is uniquely yours. Embrace it with all you've got.

Every inch of you, in all your glory, is more than enough.

Many people, especially women, are brainwashed into thinking that in order to achieve happiness and success, our bodies must be perfectly toned, thin, and muscular. The diet industry has a big secret that it will never admit to: diets. don’t. work. It’s all a money scam, targeted directly at your self-esteem. We spend the majority of our lives trying to reach an unattainable standard, and often fall short. The quest to get just skinny enough or lose however many pounds can take over our lives; in fact, it took over mine.

Ask yourself this question: what might happen if I fell in love with my body?

My answer? The less I focus on and criticize my body, the more energy I have to devote to things that truly make me happy. Because I love my body, I have no problem eating a 6 piece wing dinner at Harold’s Chicken Shack. Because I love my body, I find joy in exercising the way I want to and don’t focus on what’s going to burn the most calories. Because I love my body, I don’t care about the size of my pants, as long as they make my ass look good. Because I love my body, I can go out to eat with my friends without worrying about how “bad” the food will be for me. Because I love my body, I enjoy my life in a way I never have before.

I say all this to prove to you that I’ve been there, and there is a way out. It is very possible to accept your body, and you will be so happy once you did. In case you didn’t know already, you are worthy. I believe it, and I bet a lot of the people in your life think so too. Yes, I’m talking to you girl. Do not let external forces dictate the amount of love you are capable of having for yourself.

Your body is your own sacred temple, unique to only you.

Cherish it, listen to it, love it. You only ever have one body, and it works so hard to keep you alive and well. You can walk, talk, eat, think, and breathe, all because of your body. So today, instead of finding your flaws, find a reason to love who you are.

Affirmations can seem a little weird at first, but the repetition of body positive statements out loud to yourself is incredibly powerful in changing your mindset. By doing so, you are speaking your love for your body into existence. To help with your journey to loving and accepting your body for what it is, I’ve included ten body positive affirmations below for you to use or get some inspiration from. Just remember, by saying affirmations you are one step closer to living a more fun and fulfilled life. Once you’ve tried them out, make sure to comment below on how they made you feel. 

  1. I love and accept my body as it is.

  2. Every part of me is perfect just the way I am.

  3. I honor my body for all it allows me to do.

  4. I welcome only positive thoughts about my body.

  5. I forgive myself for not honoring my body in the past; I am committed to giving it all my love now.

  6. I accept that sometimes my body needs rest and I will listen to it when it does.

  7. I now choose to fill my body with love, acceptance, and honor.

  8. I embrace the skin I am in, and I choose to honor it now.

  9. I fully embrace my [insert body part] in all its perfection and beauty.

  10. My [insert body part] are a part of what makes me whole, and I love them for that.