3 Wellness Podcasts Every Black Woman Needs In Her Life

We all need those podcasts that have a certain way of lifting our spirits up. Ones that we know are going to give us that good knowledge but also feel like we have a little more direction in our lives once we’ve listened. It’s even better when they’re hosted by women of color. I don’t know about you, but it feels so much more real when I receive insights on life from people who understand my background and culture. This list of podcasts, all hosted by black women, are sure to be your next go-to during your work day, on your commute, and especially on self-care Sunday.

Black Girl In Om

Photo courtesy of https://blackgirlinom.com

Photo courtesy of https://blackgirlinom.com

I can’t say enough about how much this podcast has enhanced my life and made me think about things I normally wouldn’t. We, as black women, endure a lot throughout our lives, and the hosts, Lauren and Deun, make it completely normal to address your issues and heal old or new wounds that you might be avoiding. Often, I’ll turn on the BGIO podcast when I’m in need of another way to set my soul free. In each episode, they bring to light a black woman who specializes in something they believe others would truly benefit from knowing about. Singer Jamila Woods, wellness influencer HeyFranHey, and poet Anisah Ali have all been guests, just to name a few. Each woman on the podcast leaves an incredible impact and I am so inspired after I listen. From mindfulness practices to spiritual healing to staying true to yourself, they cover it all.

Start with: #24: Mindfulness 101 with Neuroscientist, Artist, and Meditation Guide Nkechi Njaka

Instagram: @blackgirlinom

Twitter: @blackgirlinom

Facebook: Black Girl in Om

Therapy For Black Girls Podcast

Photo courtesy of https://therapyforblackgirls.com

Photo courtesy of https://therapyforblackgirls.com

Take a seat on the porch with Dr. Joy as she talks about issues that many black women face, but aren’t always properly addressed when talking to a therapist that isn’t of color. A licensed therapist in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Joy specializes in break up and divorce recovery, depression, work-life balance, relationship skills, and self-esteem improvement. One thing I especially love about her is that she talks about relationships and breakups, which most influencers tend to avoid. She also invites in other therapists to be on episodes with her to talk about things she might not specialize in like black girls with eating disorders. Look on her website, and there’s an entire therapist directory separated by state where you can find therapists who are women of color to seek help from. Every time I listen to Dr. Joy, I immediately feel relaxed and in good hands. She truly cares about the mental health and wellbeing of black women, and it is incredibly refreshing.

Start with: Session 17: Black Girls Have Eating Disorders?

Twitter: @therapy4bgirls

Instagram: @therapyforblackgirls

Facebook: Therapy for Black Girls

Hey, Girl with Alex Elle

Photo courtesy of https://alexelle.com

Photo courtesy of https://alexelle.com

Alex Elle is a wonderful author based in DC who focuses on telling many phenomenal women’s stories. Her podcast, Hey, Girl, always gives me the sense that I’m talking in an enclosed setting with someone I trust. In each episode of Hey, Girl she invites women to open up and tell their stories. These conversations are raw depictions of what they have gone through in their lives and really help to normalize the idea that yes, sometimes we struggle and that is okay. On the other hand, there are also women who talk about starting a business, their journey into the wellness space, and creating authentically. It’s a good mix of tough issues that we as women face and finding that light in what we’re passionate about. I love that Alex exposes both sides of the story, ones that people often don’t like to open up about. Listening to this podcast, I feel understood.

Start with: Episode 10: Joanna on Wellness

Instagram: @theheygirlpodcast

Twitter: @_alexelle

Got any podcasts for women of color that you’d like to share? Make sure to comment below.