6 Ways To Ground Yourself When You're Overloaded


This time of year is full of transitions. Summer to fall, vacation to school, warm to chilly. It can bring on a lot of stress as workloads and commitments kick into full gear. It can be overwhelming and often feel as though we are being stretched too thin. Add me to the long list of people who are experiencing this as we speak. Between school, part-time work, blogging, homework, friends, and leadership consulting, I barely feel like I have time to sit and breathe! As I scroll through my Instagram timeline, I’ve seen that many people are also going through the same type of deal. This is a gentle reminder to ALL of us that even when we’re overloaded with tasks, we still matter. Here’s six things to do when you feel like you can’t possibly stop moving.


It’s so simple, yet most of us never take a second to truly focus on our breath. Deep breathing for even a few minutes can switch your brain over from autopilot mode to a more conscious state of mind.


Meditating for just ten minutes a day can greatly reduce anxious feelings, keep you grounded, and get you to focus on the present moment. I’ve been meditating for nine months now, and I always notice the difference when I don’t meditate in the morning. By taking a little time for yourself in the morning, at night, or both to re-center yourself can help you handle your tasks easily without the added anxiety.

Make a Top Three list

My good friend Hannah and I scheduled in a coffee and blogging date last weekend and used a little bit of our time to help each other brainstorm ways to keep it all together. She pulled out her planner and showed me something called “Top Three,” telling me it was her one of her favorite parts of planning her day. Basically, every day she picks three things as priorities to focus on. For the past few days I’ve tried this in my own bullet journal and LOVE IT! At any point during the day when I feel too scattered I can just refer back to my top three. It does a wonderful job at keeping me in check during the most hectic days.

Set aside 30 minutes a day for yourself

Look, I know it’s hard sometimes to justify a little time for yourself, but it is SO necessary. Self-care practices are essential when it comes to strengthening your relationship with yourself, and interactions with others. A few favorite ways to give myself a little love on busy days are: 5-minute savasana, reading a chapter in a book, or doing wellness check-ins with myself. This little time makes a difference, so schedule it into that busy calendar of yours every day.

Create an intention or mantra that you refer to throughout the week or month

I’ve created a mantra for the month of September that I always repeat to myself when I feel stressed or anxious. In the shower, on my way to class, before I start a tough assignment, I always say to myself, “my power is in my presence.” Intentions and mantras are a boost in confidence, gentle reminder, and facilitator of positive energy flow. They will keep you present with your eye on the prize.

Be easy on yourself

Transitioning into more commitments and heavier workloads is insanely tough, so give yourself a break if you forget something every once in awhile. You are human, we all are. Be easy and know that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. We’ll all get through this crazy time together.