Want to Listen to Podcasts? Here's Where to Start

I’ve been listening to podcasts nonstop since I discovered them last year. I’d heard of them before, but my perception of them had been that of an outdated app that Apple forced me to keep on my phone. LOL I was wrong. Podcasts are my main source of entertainment at work, during commutes, and whenever I want to get outside and just relax. What I didn’t realize until a few months ago was that listening to podcasts are a form of self care for me. They allow me to tune into the voice of the host and tune out of the world around me for a bit.

Most of the podcasts I listen to actually aren’t centered around self-care and wellness. Though I am working on compiling a good list of those, too! For now, here’s a list of my favorite podcasts that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do!


Source: https://soundcloud.com/theread

Source: https://soundcloud.com/theread

The Read

The Read was one of the first podcasts I listened to. Once I started, I was hooked. Crissle and Kid Fury are my favorite podcast hosts to date because they keep it ALL the way real. You will find no fluff of any sort in this podcast. The hosts touch on recent ridiculous events in the world, listener letters, and the Read itself. Essentially, the Read is when both hosts bring to light something that was absolutely not okay and seriously, but also comically, call out the BS. A new episode airs every Thursday making it, by far, my favorite day to listen to podcasts. They never disappoint.

Start with literally any one of them. If I had to pick I’d say The Plight of the Light

Sooo Many White Guys

Phoebe Robinson is a black woman disrupting the comedy space and she is fantastic. There’s a misconception that women aren’t capable of being funny. Phoebe takes that idea and totally crushes it. A quick explanation about the title, it’s meant to be a joke about how many white men are in the comedy space. She doesn’t actually interview a ton of white dudes on her podcast, though there is an episode with Tom Hanks. As for the content of the show, Phoebe has a guest each week that highlights a person who’s excelling in their field and isn’t a white guy. It’s a gateway to exploring different people in the creative and performing space and bringing to light just how many people of color are doing amazing work in their fields.

Start with Episode #3: Phoebe and Janet Mock Make Lemonade

Self Care:

Black Girl In Om

Source: http://www.blackgirlinom.com/podcast/

Source: http://www.blackgirlinom.com/podcast/

This podcast is EVERYTHING to me. It’s not a secret that the self care and wellness space is incredibly whitewashed. Black Girl In Om provides a space for black women to listen in on authentic conversations on the importance of taking care of one’s self amidst all the chaos going on targeting people of color. This podcast is essential for all black women, and is one of the reasons why I was inspired to pursue my own wellness journey. Not to mention, Lauren Ash’s voice is SO soothing. Trust me, the voice of a podcast host is super important.

Start with Episode #4: Manifestation and Mantras with Brittany Josephina

The Friend Zone

Okay, I have too many favorite podcasts. The Friend Zone is done by the same production studio as the Read and I absolutely love it. This podcast is more geared towards mental health and wellness as one of the hosts, Dustin, says, “nobody wants a musty brain.” Each Wednesday they come out with a show primarily focused on a wellness segment led by Fran. After that, Dustin and Assante go into the latest music and TV, followed by a Black Business of the Week. What I love most about this show is that they’re normalizing mental wellness in the black community. They bring light to important issues and make them totally okay to talk about. The best part? The hosts keep the whole show lighthearted and relatable.

Start with The Dopamine Loop

Women in Business

Myleik Teele’s Podcast

Myleik Teele is the founder of curlBOX and a super dope woman to listen to. She regularly talks about being an entrepreneur, giving tips on running your own business, and her book recommendations are on point. Lots of people write in with questions so some episodes are completely devoted to listener questions. Myleik is so relatable, especially for women of color, as there aren’t a ton of podcasts out there hosted by black women that focus on entrepreneurship. Listening to her continuously inspires me to always do my best and go after what I’m passionate about.

Start with Talking Black Womanhood with Kimberly Foster for For Harriet

Brown Ambition

Source: http://brownambitionpodcast.com/

Source: http://brownambitionpodcast.com/

I don’t know about you, but neither high school nor college has taught me ANYTHING about managing my finances. It’s really unfortunate because a pretty big part of life is how you handle your money. Tiffany and Mandi are so great at breaking down those big bad finance terms that I had no clue about beforehand. They’re also hilarious and make a topic that used to make me cringe, really fun to learn about. They’re never monotonous, and Tiffany’s laugh is the best. Do you know the difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional one? I sure do now.

Start with Episode 60: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em...How to Start Investing!

True Crime

My Favorite Murder

Source: http://www.feralaudio.com/show/my-favorite-murder/

Source: http://www.feralaudio.com/show/my-favorite-murder/

I have a confession. As much as I’m into having a positive outlook on life and being a high vibrational being, I have a weakness for crime shows. I’ve seen every single episode of Law and Order: SVU at least twice....I know, it’s bad. When I found out that true crime podcasts existed I was just a liiiittle too happy. My Favorite Murder is one of my favorites, and the most recent one I’ve discovered. They tell stories as if they’re just casually hanging out with the girls and tend to take some of the edge off of some crazy murders. This show is still pretty insane to listen to, and I’ve found myself gasping in the middle of my work day at just how horrid these crimes are. It’s kind of addicting to listen to. I like the minisodes the best because they’re the perfect length for commutes, but the longer ones I love when I take walks or lay in the sun by the pool.

Start with Episode #58: Some Quiet Sunday