8 Books to Get Your Mind Right For Summer


It’s almost Summa Tiiiiiime! Every time I walk outside the weather is warmer, the sun is shining, and people are just nicer :) The summer season is such a lovely time, and can give you the extra boost you need to start something new, change your mindset, and kick into gear after those chilly winter months.

Books always inspire me and help guide me both mentally and spiritually. As far as amazing books having to do with self-care, living a mindful life, and a little spiritual guidance, these eight books take the cake. Pick one up before the summer starts, or anytime along the way. Be like Chano this summer and live your best life.

Body Kindness x Rebecca Scritchfield

As summer approaches, many of us start stressing over getting a “summer body”....whatever THAT means. Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield turns the belief that your body is imperfect on its head and gives you actionable ways to improve your relationship with it rather than be at war. I’ve already gone through therapy with an amazing registered dietitian, and this book is a perfect read that always gets me back on track.

Big Magic x Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is pages full of inspiration to create what you love and live in your purpose. If you’re a creative who’s had a bit of a roadblock recently but you’re ready to get back on board, this one’s for you.

You Are A Badass x Jen Sincero

If I hadn’t read YAABA, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This book instills so much confidence, belief, and happiness in the person that you uniquely are. It’s a game-changer. Read it if you’re ready to start over and live your life with an entirely different perspective.

Own Your Glow x Latham Thomas

Another book that’ll truly get your life, this one resonates with me especially because it’s written by a woman of color (and the cover is adorable). We often talk about the “Glow Up,” but how do you actually put it into practice outside of just looks? Latham breaks it down in an incredible way that goes deep into mind, body, and soul so that you can truly be your best self.

The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter x Meg Jay

If you thought your 20s were just for messing around, you might have another one coming with this book. Meg by no means pushes you to get it all together by 23, but what she does do is put things in perspective on many topics that you might not normally think about. It’s all about making it count.

Radical Acceptance x Tara Brach

Sometimes our biggest struggle can be wanting to change things in our lives that we don’t have any control over. Tara shows you how to relinquish that need for control and accept what is in the present moment.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali x Sri Swami Satchidananda

I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year now, and decided to pick up this book to understand the deeper meaning behind it as a way of life, and not just asanas. As I’m walking along my own spiritual path, I’m finding a lot from this book resonating with how I feel about and understand my own life. Nothing but pure, amazing, spiritual guidance in this one.

The Four Agreements x Don Miguel Ruiz

As we live our lives, our experiences are what frame the things we’ve agreed upon within ourselves. Ruiz really helps with showing how changing your beliefs (agreements) can allow you to view life and your interactions with others differently. By breaking old agreements and forming new ones, we can experience a tremendous amount of growth.

Now, go forth and have the most amazing, fulfilling summer with a couple of these reads under your belt. Let me know what you think of them in the comments, or tweet me at @brighteyedjoy!