7 Ways to Release Toxic Energy


Toxic energy can bubble up inside you until one day, it just all comes out! GAH, what a mess. I wonder though, what would happen if you paid special attention to your energy and how you’re feeling? Instead of letting it build up inside, you let it out as it came. The best way to keep a clear heart and mind is to address negativity as it comes, and then release it. Here’s 7 ways to do it.


Through breath work and mindful movement, yoga allows you to process and navigate freely through anything you might be holding in. Focus on twists and hip-openers for optimal results!

Stream of Consciousness Writing

Grab a journal and start writing whatever you want, however you want, for at least three pages. Get every last thought out, and don’t worry about things like punctuation or what your handwriting looks like. Sometimes, the toxic energy felt within just needs to be made more concrete on a piece of paper in order to let the stuff go.


Blasts of Love

I got this tip from listening to Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love, on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast. If you’re dealing specifically with a toxic person or environment, it helps to blast the carrier of that negative energy with love. Before you walk into a situation in which you have to encounter it, focus your thoughts on sending an abundant amount of love to counteract the energy you’re trying to dodge.


As much of a yogi as I am, I thought boxing would be completely counterintuitive to my way of releasing energy. Turns out it’s one of my favorite ways to shake that toxic energy up and get it OUT. If you’re in Boston, Redline Fight Sports is my favorite, and also crazy affordable compared to most group fitness classes. If you’ve got some real heavy stuff pent up (especially anger-related), boxing is a great way to rid yourself of it. Watch out though, the workout you get is a killer one.

Social Media Cleanse


Ever scroll through your social media feeds and feel like you’re getting pummeled with nothing but negativity? I sure have. The thing about technology is that over 20 years ago, none of this stuff existed yet. We weren’t addicted to screens, and had a lot more time to focus in the present moment. I’m convinced our minds weren’t built to handle so much of it, so frequently. Social media can often build up tension in the energy field from taking in too much information, staring at blue lights, and of course watching everyone else parade around the best version of their lives. So take a break, you deserve it.

Be Around Those You Love

This one’s similar to blasts of love, except you get a little help from your favorite people. Surround yourself with best friends, family, or mentors who you know have your best interest at heart. It’ll release more of those happy vibes that help you see your reality a little more clearly.

Scream It Out

It might be a tad difficult to find a place where you can be totally alone with no one worrying while you’re screaming, but if you can, just scream. Yell it out. I swear, it can give a rush like no other.

Alright y'all, I’m taking any and all ideas here. How do you release toxic energy? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me at @brighteyedjoy!