5 Lists To Lift Your Mood


Sometimes, we need a little boost. Energy needs to be cleansed, vibrations lifted, appreciation given. Simply put, we just need to feel better. Writing it out can be so fulfilling, and list-making is great when you’re feeling a little too exhausted to pour your heart out onto a page. So here’s five of my favorite lists to get you back on track, believing in yourself and feeling true to who you are.

I’m proud of myself for…

After venting to my best friend Hannah one day about feeling like I wasn't good enough, she asked me, "Have you written out your accomplishments recently?" What a game changer that was. Now’s the time to reflect on the big and small victories that you’re proud of. Shoot for at least 10.

I’m grateful for…

Gratitude lists are wonderful daily, weekly, or even monthly. Open your eyes to the blessings, instead of focusing on the curses. I write down two things that I’m grateful for daily, or write longer lists (10-30 things) if I’m reflecting weekly or monthly.

I am so great at…

Instead of getting stuck in negative self talk, spin it around and find all those things you know you’re great at. For example, I think I’m great at communicating and standing up for myself. By focusing on what we can kick booty at, we can empower and believe in ourselves more.


I love _____ about myself

Say it with me now, the best relationship you can have is the one with yourself. You are worthy and you are loved by others but most importantly by yourself. So what do you love about yourself? Write it down, bask in it, make it known to you. Come up with at least 15 things.

I’m looking forward to…

Though being mindful encourages us to stay in the present, honestly sometimes it helps to look towards the future. What are things you’re excited about? What makes it something to look forward to? For a moment, be happy with the fact that whatever might be going on in the moment will pass, and there are wonderful things to look forward to.

So those are my faves, but I want to know: what uplifts you when you’re feeling down? Comment below!