3 R&B Inspired Ways to Spend Your Weekend


Weekends are the absolute best. For most of us, it’s a time to disconnect from responsibilities during the week, and finally be free to do whatever the heck we want. Have you ever finished commitments on Friday and thought, “what do I do now?” Here's some R&B inspired ideas for your perfect weekend.

Bed Peace x Jhene Aiko


When your week has been nothing shy of exhausting, I suggest a little Bed Peace. With or without someone else, is up to you ;) This kind of weekend is all about you getting lazy and decompressing. Order takeout, binge-watch that new Netflix show, and don’t lift a finger. I mean it! If you’re looking to go this route (which, to be honest, is me most weekends after being in startup land) the key is to only follow what your heart desires. You want to sit on the couch all day? So be it. You want to lay in bed reading Gab Union’s new book? So be it. Just do you boo.

Nice for What x Drake

This weekend, you have no time for anyone’s BS. You’re ready to own it. You might start Friday off letting out some steam with a girls night out at the bar. Saturday, you focus on that passion project of yours that you’ve been putting off, maybe throw in some mindful movement, and get shit done. Sunday, you might sprinkle a bit of self-care in there to relax and reward yourself for a dope day. Go to brunch with friends, hit up a yoga class, or maybe tie up some loose strings from your work on Saturday to ease your mind before the week starts.

Holy x Jamila Woods


Jamila Woods’ Holy is the perfect song that encapsulates what it means to love yourself. That’s the idea behind this last kind of weekend. Choose things that you can do to make yourself happy -- you're the priority. This weekend pushes the question, “what does self-care mean to you?” Friday night, reflect on things you love to do that fill you up with joy. The Holy weekend is not so much about lounging around as it is about actively doing things to nurture your relationship with yourself. Maybe you need to spend an hour or two digging into a situation that hurt you, in order to release those emotions. Pair this with a couple items off your list of things you love to do. Here’s some ideas:

  • Taking a bubble bath

  • Light a candle and journal

  • Cook yourself a meal

  • Partake in mindful movement

  • Cuddle up with blankets and read a book

  • Spend time with people who love you

Here’s how I’m spending my weekend

I’m choosing to have a Holy weekend this time around. Instead of flying solo, I’m surrounding myself with the people I love who I know love me. Today, I get to see my mentee and go to the end of year ceremony for the mentoring program that we’re both part of. Saturday plans are yoga and lounging with my friend Hannah while we laugh at goofy stuff and reminisce on our time in California, and Sunday I really need to go inside and address some stuff that I’ve been harboring before it goes too deep.

Alright y’all, those are my ideas! Which weekend are you choosing to have? Comment below and let me know!