Body Glow: A Four-Part Series


Let’s talk about bodies. Have you loved and appreciated yours lately? 

Introducing Body Glow: A Series. 

This four-part blog series is an offering to you, a guide that peels away the many layers that encompass body love + kindness. It’s a way to reconnect with our bodies in the spirit of gratitude and love, because we deserve it. Are you ready to embark with me?

Part 1: Affirm + Act

Before changing anything, shift your mindset. The first step is believing and knowing that your body is worthy of unconditional love. Affirm it in this moment to begin.

This takes practice, so don’t worry if speaking affirmations about your body initially feels foreign. Discomfort is where change originates. The mind can naturally be resistant to change, but the more you speak body love into existence, the realer it becomes. 

Every morning when you wake up, set the tone by meditating with Insight Timer, your favorite meditation app/playlist, or just take five deep breaths. This can help bring you back to the present moment, which is important when the goal is to rewire your thoughts. Presence also allows you to feel and hear more of what’s going on with your body, drawing you closer to it.

Once you’ve finished meditating, say the following affirmations:

I forgive myself for not honoring my body in the past; I am committed to giving it all my love now. 

I now choose to fill my body with love, acceptance, and honor.

Every part of me is perfect just the way I am.

I accept that sometimes my body needs rest and I will listen to it when it does.

Repeat these every morning, and throughout the day as necessary. If you’re looking for more affirmation inspo, read my post on body positive affirmations. The wonderful thing is that the mind doesn’t know the difference between true and false statements or thoughts. So BOOM. You could essentially convince yourself of literally anything you want. Powerful right? Use it to your advantage :) 

The more you facilitate the shift to focus on loving and nurturing your body, the easier it will be to start acting in ways that truly make you feel sound in your physical self. Body love, first and foremost, is not about changing anything, it’s about loving every single part of you. The curves, the fat, the cellulite, all of it. Be kind to yourself. After all, the body is the reason we can touch, hear, type, and walk…the blessings we receive due to our bodies’ work is immense. Pour love into those parts that have been devoid of it. Everything in our system is interconnected, and this will only make what’s in your heart and at your core stronger.

A little homework for you: start by affirming who you are in this moment. You are whole. You are loved. Your body is loved and appreciated, exactly the way it is.