A Word On Energy.


Energy. When the word comes to mind, some might think of a burst of happiness or productivity. Others might find it goes a little deeper than that. Here at Bright-Eyed Joy, I believe energy to be the vibrations that a person holds internally and emits into their environment.

Your Energy

Be conscious of your energy at all times. It determines how you perceive your experiences and what you attract into your life. Vibrating at a higher frequency allows you to think in a more open and accepting way. Excessive complaining and disdain lowers your frequency, leading you in the opposite direction. No matter what life throws at you, focusing on the energy that you put out into the world through your words and actions will define the true meaning of your experiences. 

Negatives can be more easily turned into something neutral or even positive. Manifestation flows more naturally. Floating through life becomes a little more attainable.


The People Around You

There’s a stark difference in energy between someone who is positive, smiling, and happy versus one who’s grouchy all the time and finds a way to see everything as a negative. The people around you have more of an effect than you might think, so pay attention to who you surround yourself with. You want to be able to walk into a group of peers and be greeted with smiles and ingenuity, people who match your level of positive energy. If you’re not getting that, re-evaluate. The higher you vibrate, the easier you will attract these people into your life. It’s not a healthy friendship if they bring you down. It’s not a healthy partnership if you’re drowning in their problems.

Protect your energy and peace. Set boundaries. Let go if you have to.

Cultivate positive friendships and relationships that feed your energy, not bring it down.

The World

Our energy is uniquely able to affect our surroundings. It’s the reason why you can feel heat and tension in a room when someone emits negative emotions. It’s also the reason why taking a few moments to set intentions for a wonderful day in the morning makes it all the more possible for it to actually happen. Walking into a room a greeting everyone with a real smile, talking to that customer service rep like they’re an actual human being, it’s the little things that matter the most.

There is so much energy flooding into our daily lives, and you must choose whether or not to contribute to the shared space of the Universe with love or with angst.

Sure, you might not be able to change the world, but everything counts. Choose to emit love over hate, hope instead of fear, light instead of darkness.