3 Steps to Creating a Daily Ritual That Works For You

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my morning and nightly rituals and how they can truly impact the day ahead or how well I sleep at night. What is a ritual, you ask? My definition is a few small activities you do for yourself that benefits your wellbeing. Every time I find myself feeling a little out of whack or easily irritable, it’s almost always because I’ve slacked on my daily rituals. I never realize just how effective it is to have repeated routines that set the tone for what lies ahead of me, that is, until I stop doing them. If you haven’t created daily rituals for yourself yet, today’s the perfect day  to start. In light of that, here’s three steps to take when figuring out what needs to be included in your daily ritual.

Think relaxation + alignment

The point of a daily ritual is to prepare yourself for the day (or night) ahead. When our brains are calmer and we feel more aligned, we can more readily approach tasks with a clear thought process. A quick note on alignment: my understanding of it is the idea of putting myself into a space in my mind where I’m able to function with high energy, positivity, and focus. For example, my quick and easy morning routine consists of meditation followed by listening to a podcast and drinking a huge cup of my favorite tea. By doing these three things every day, my mind is trained to know that this means it’s time to focus. Think of things you do that make you feel positive and energized, and then work from there.

Don’t let it take up all your time

Daily rituals aren’t something you need to go all out for. In fact, I think the more you add to your routine, the less likely you’ll want to do it every day. Let’s remember, not every day is going to go as planned. I purposely don’t make huge expectations for myself with these because life just happens. If one day I’m frazzled, for instance, I might not want to go through some long process just to get my mind right. I used to have trouble sleeping at night, but a way I’ve alleviated that is by doing three things: closing my computer by 9pm, reading a book, and ending my night with updating the gratitude log, focus tracker, and wellness log sections in my bullet journal. Depending on how much I want to read that night, this could take up to an hour. The journaling alone, however, only takes about 10 minutes.

Add a little reflection to the mix

It can be an incredibly beneficial practice to just get all our thoughts out on paper and then let them go. By reflecting just a little bit every day, you can clear up a lot of space in your mind and focus on way better things (like that great idea you’ve had that you’ve been putting off for way too long). I normally reflect daily by writing down two things I’m grateful for as well as journaling about my thoughts twice a week. Take a little time in your daily ritual to reflect on the day ahead, the day you’ve just had, or anything that comes to mind for that matter.