8 Podcast Episodes to Cozy Up to This Winter

Photo courtesy of https://radicallyloved.com/podcast

Photo courtesy of https://radicallyloved.com/podcast

The number one reason why I love podcasts is because I can kick back, relax, and only use one of my senses -- listening. During the holidays, most of us are trying to recharge our batteries so we can start the new year off right. You don’t need to run around like crazy. What you need to do is sit your butt down and chill. I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite podcast episodes, a podcast playlist of sorts, for you to do just that. Cozy up to these with your comfiest blanket and pillow, and stay awhile. 

From Rags to Bitcoin feat. CloutCrypt06 x The Friend Zone

India Arie Series x Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Melinda on Self-Healing + Activism x hey, girl.

Photo courtesy of iTunes

Photo courtesy of iTunes

Hungry for Happiness with Samantha Skelly x Radically Loved Radio

Meet the Juice Bar Owner Transforming Lives in the Black Community x Side Hustle Pro

Literally any episode of the Read x The Read

Do You Believe in Sisterhood? x Therapy For Black Girls

Shawn Achor, Part 1: The Secrets of Happy People x Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

It might be a little warmer than usual here in Chicago, but that hasn't stopped me from staying inside and listening to these pods. My favorite way to listen is with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand and my phone on airplane mode so I can really take in the content. Pro-tip: enjoy these with as little distraction as possible. Happy podcasting!