5 Ways to Protect Your Peace This Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us, and though it can be a happy time for many, some of us would rather crawl into a safe space and stay there until New Year’s is over. My feelings tend to vary depending on the year, and there have definitely been times when I’ve dreaded anything having to do with the holidays. One thing I’ve learned, however, is that if you plan to protect your peace and fill your space with love as much as possible, the holidays are a wonderful time. Here’s some tips on how to protect your peace and emanate love this holiday season.

Take a Break, or Several

There is nothing wrong with finding yourself a little quiet corner and taking a breather in the middle of Thanksgiving. There’s also nothing wrong with breaking away from the fam for a few hours to tend to your own self-care. The holidays might be centered around family, but they’re also a time for you to take a break from your daily responsibilities. Squeeze in some me time whenever you feel you need it.

Stick to the people who make you feel most comfortable

Around the holidays is usually when extended families spend the most time together. It can be great, or it can be not so great. I won’t lie, there are some people in my family who I’d rather stay away from, and that’s okay. Stick to interacting with the people who you know won’t drain your energy. The ones you know will make you laugh and have a good time, no matter what the circumstance. You don’t have to spend long amounts of time with anyone you don’t want to. So spend the most time around those who fill you with joy.

Speak out when you feel it’s right

Have you ever experienced a time when a relative says something that you just don’t agree with? Honestly, I’m a huge fan of speaking up for what you believe in. The whole concept of being seen and not heard is bogus to me, so if Aunt Mae has something to say that just doesn’t feel right to you, gon' head and say something. I’m rooting for you.

Give thanks to yourself

I can’t stress enough how important it is to celebrate yourself during the holidays. The more you feel appreciation for yourself, the easier it will be to handle difficult situations if they arise. Many times, we allow external circumstances to affect our own inner peace. It happens way more frequently when we are unhappy within. If you take that extra time to do an activity out of love for yourself, it automatically builds up a foundation so that no one can intrude on it, no matter how hard they try.

Celebrate with those you love

Get a group of your favorite people together in whatever way you want, so that there’s at least one event where there’s nothing but positive energy flowing around you. After all, the holidays are about spreading cheer, right? It doesn’t have to be some huge group of people to be the best time ever. Gather the people who mean the most and have a little get together.

Holidays can be difficult, but they can also be the best time of the year. It’s your thought process and how you frame your experience that matters the most. Instead of going into this time expecting the worst, pinpoint the ways in which you will have so much fun. You’re the only one in control of your own happiness. Remember that, and rest assured that you will have a wonderful time.